About us


We offer translation and interpreting services in fields and languages we know very well.

We interpret and translate because we love doing it. Because we help people communicate across cultures and languages. Because the job means combining business with pleasure. Because to us, a search for the correct term in specialist dictionaries is like a detective’s investigation. And because we enjoy the immense rush of adrenaline during simultaneous interpretation.

Anna Kijak

English-Polish interpreter and translator; graduate of the School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań; accredited by the European Parliament and European Commission. She left medical school to study English, but has not abandoned medicine as such – she always looks forward to a medical assignment. A humanist with a scientific mind, she loves literature but detests pseudo-literary wordiness. For her, beauty in language means simplicity and precision; she does not give up on linguistic elegance even when interpreting for EU institutions.

Anna is fascinated by the virtuosity not only of the written word - she is also a fan of audio books and speech radio. Singing voices are of great interest to her as well, particularly if they sing opera. She enjoys reading crime novels and is toying with the idea of writing one herself - a dark story set among interpreters...

Paulina Dzwonnik

English-Polish interpreter and translator with an MA in sociolinguistics and post-graduate diploma from the School of Translation, Interpreting and Languages, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. She worked for several years for a company operating in the international sports and clothing market and now uses this experience in business translations. She does not shy away from technical or medical translations either.

Paulina is into guerrilla marketing, ambient advertising and critical discourse analysis. When not analysing texts for hidden meaning, she loves to go on improvised camping trips. She is well-known for her passion for cats and everything even remotely related to Portugal. Open to new challenges, she agrees with the saying that everything is difficult before it becomes easy.