What we do


– from Polish into English and from English into Polish.




As professional interpreters, we are constantly honing our skills not only as linguists, but also as public speakers: proper intonation, lack of fillers, fluency and use of appropriate register. Plus, we know not only how good interpreters should talk, but also how they should behave and look.


We can help you achieve success during conferences, training courses, negotiations, business meetings, seminars, trade fairs and many other events where you may need an interpreter. Because of our professional domicile, we usually work in Poznań and in Wrocław, but we are ready to interpret in any other location in Poland or abroad.

We do:

Our customers include small companies, multinational corporations, government institutions, international organisations and research centres. We have worked for them during meetings and courses organised for just a few people, as well as during large conferences for a few hundred participants who included government ministers, bishops and heads of state.

We can also help you organise a multilingual interpreting service during your conference (we cooperate with reliable German and French interpreters), and translate written documents related to the event. If you need a competent team of technicians providing audiovisual equipment (booths, microphones, projectors etc.), we can recommend a company that will make sure your event runs smoothly.


- to paraphrase the old adage. A bad translation can do real harm: it may change the meaning of a key section in an important contract, diminish the quality of your research paper or discourage potential business partners. A bad translation is a waste of time and money. On the other hand, a good translation may open a world of possibilities, bringing success closer and winning people over.

We translate

  • from English into Polish
  • and from Polish into English.

So far we have translated numerous research papers, reports, articles, trade offers, contracts, training materials, tourist guides, leaflets and marketing materials, technical descriptions etc.

We provide specialised translation in the following fields (most often translated subjects in brackets):

    music (classical music)
  • history (medieval history, history of religion)
  • chemistry and environment (plastics, REACH regulation, EU chemical policy)
  • economy (taxes, periodic reports, accounting)
  • marketing and business administration (training materials, advertising texts, strategies, plans)
  • medicine and health care (orthopaedics, physical therapy, sports medicine)
  • politics (European Union, political studies, local administration)
  • law (labour law, international law, contracts)
  • sociology (feminism, gender studies, demography)
  • theatre (modern theatre)
  • tourism and hospitality (guidebooks, offers, website localisation of tourist attractions)

When translating, we always keep in touch with our client to make sure we use the correct, industry- or company-specific terminology. This also allows us to introduce quickly any last-minute changes, should the client wish to modify the source text. In the case of larger projects or similar documents, this direct contact between the client and the translator guarantees terminological and stylistic consistency, which we maintain also thanks to the so-called (CAT) tools.